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Rope, touch, and movement聽

Sunday 17 September 12-18h versi贸n en castellano
Ron Hades Facilitator
路 Limited spots 路

Discover the true beauty of bondage as you delve into the art of restriction and connection. In this workshop, we invite you to explore the transformative power of rope beyond mere physical restraint. Immerse yourself in the world of movement, touch, and deep connection with another human being. 
Join us for an immersive learning experience where you’ll gain a profound understanding of the person in front of you and learn to integrate rope seamlessly into your movements and play, allowing it to flow harmoniously with your emotions. 
Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with rope, this workshop offers a welcoming and inclusive space for all. Come and discover the infinite possibilities of rope, touch, and movement in a supportive and nurturing environment. 

Among other things, the course will cover: 

  • Learn essential safety instructions to ensure a secure and consensual experience. 
  • Engage in movement exercises that enhance your connection and communication. 
  • Master basic rope techniques that accentuate touch and amplify sensations. 
  • Explore the importance of consent and the dynamics of power exchange within rope play.
  • Deepen your understanding of diverse body anatomy and discover tailored approaches. 
  • Engage in group rope movement improvisation, fostering creativity and collaboration. 
  • Embrace practical play sessions to apply your newfound knowledge and skills. 

Required are 1 X 8 meters of hemp or jute rope (6 or 8 mm). These can be provided free of charge for the course 鈥 and can also be purchased. If you already have your own, of course you bring them with you. Bring comfortable cloths with you and with active consent to all participants, nudity can be allowed but not mandatory. 

All kinds of personal questions are strictly forbidden during the workshop as well as during the breaks. You are to draw a symbol which you feel best resembles you and we will all be called by our symbol rather than by our everyday names. This way we prevent any possibilities of discrimination or judgement and furthermore keep our focus on our emotions, mind and true form of human connection. 

Ron Hades will offer the workshop in English. There will be simultaneous translation.

Collaboration Workshop 鈧80
_ 鈧150 if the two Ron Hades workshops are held (Sat and Sun)

*** We do not want anyone to be left out of the activities due to economic issues, if this is your case, let us know and we will look for possible exchanges or a reduced collaboration. In the same way, Observatorio del Placer is a project in formation, if you want to support us with a greater collaboration, it will also be welcome.


RON HADES (they/them)

Ron is non-binary queer full service sexworker, porn performer, Activist and kink educator. 

Bondage is the natural highlight of their path, because it allowed them to channel and combine their sexual energy, spiritual talent, aesthetic vision and dominant personality into a form of art, meditation, power. 

During their workshops they leads people into a safer space where there are no over structures, no categories, no names, so that everyone* can follow the path the way to personal unfoldment. 

Ron gives different types of workshops since 2018: bondage meditation, bondage for sex workers, for couples, for beginners and intermediate level and private coaching for BDSM.