First Contact

Saturday 11 November 11-19hSpanish version
Milo Monster Facilitator

First Contact is a sensual roleplaying experience with elements of eroticism, science fiction, and psychological horror. Participants play characters within a narrative framework presented by the organizers, immersing themselves in a story with their co-players.

I licked up the side of A’s neck, relished the tremble of their pulse under my tongue, the taste of salt. My back arched against the cool glass of the tank that held the alien creature, in contrast to the heat of my shipmates’ bodies around me. 
“How did I get here?” I had been on my way to the command center, but I could not remember why. It had felt so important a moment ago…
L’s fingers wove through my hair. J pressed their palms into my hips, breath hot against my thigh. Our bare skin glowed in the light from the tank. In the flood of sensation, I could no longer tell where my body ended and another began. 
A strange hunger vibrated through me, unlike anything I had felt before. Unlike anything human. 

The development of faster-than-light travel allowed humankind to explore the universe beyond our solar system. Since then, we have expanded throughout our corner of the galaxy. 
Five days ago, an extra-terrestrial life form – unlike any humankind had encountered before – crash-landed just outside the frontier outpost on Seti IV. The starship Tramuntana has been dispatched by United Terran Expeditionary Forces to collect this life form and deliver it safely to a research station for further study. 
From the outside, the ship is threatened by solar storms and other dangers of space travel. But inside, far stranger things are stirring. Buried desires and transgressive urges rise to the surface. For the people on board, boundaries between minds and bodies, fantasy and reality shift as they begin to experience their world – and each other – in a way that is more than human. 
The longer the crew spends in the presence of the alien creature, the more they realize… This journey will transform them forever.

Milo Monster will offer the workshop in English. There will be simultaneous translation. Each person can participate in their preferred language.

Workshop Collaboration €65

*** We do not want anyone to be left out of the activities due to economic issues, if this is your case, let us know and we will look for possible exchanges or a reduced collaboration.
In the same way, Observatorio del Placer is a project in formation, if you want to support us with a greater collaboration, it will also be welcome.



Is a interdisciplinary artist based in Barcelona, designing immersive storytelling experiences for transformative learning and interpersonal exploration. Incorporating his background in writing, theater, and mindful BDSM practice, Milo’s work uses roleplay and cooperative narrative-building to explore identity, experiment with perspectives, and create powerful connections between participants. He has led workshops on playful improvisation and erotic roleplay.


LARP has been compared to tabletop roleplaying games (like Dungeons and Dragons) without the dice, and improv theater without the audience.

Remember the games of “pretend” you played as a kid? Where you and your friends pretended to be knights or princesses, mermaids or thieves, and acted out a story of your own invention? LARP is something like that.

Basically, LARP is collaborative storytelling. That means that as a participant, you are helping create the experience for yourself and your fellow players. The organizers provide a framework. These are basic tools for story-making, including a scenario, character profiles, safety mechanics, and some small events that lend structure and pace to the game. Then they hand the players the keys and let them drive the story with their interactions. 

It is impossible to “win” or “lose” a LARP. There are no numbers to memorize or points to gain. You get out of it what you put in, by bringing energy, committing to the experience, and supporting your fellow players.

How does it work?

As part of the application form, you will answer some questions about your preferences for the experience and select the 3 character profiles that you would most like to interpret. The organizers will try to cast everyone in one of their preferred roles, but this may not always be possible. If accepted, you will receive your character assignment at least one week before the event.

There are 15-20 character profiles. These are loose descriptions of the character’s personality, their desires and fears, and their role in the group. The character profile is a starting point – you, the player, will interpret and expand it to bring your character to life. 

Each character includes at least one open-ended connection with another character. During the workshops, you will collaborate with other players to create those connections. You also have the option of setting aside the connection by making it with a character “off screen” (who will not appear in the LARP).

The day of the LARP will begin with out-of-character workshops. We will review safety and consent techniques, create character connections, and build the foundation for our play. Then players will get into character and the LARP will begin. The LARP will take place in 3 acts. You can step outside the space any time you need, and check in with your fellow players using the techniques in the players guide. Otherwise, if you are in the play space, you are in-character and part of the story.

At the end of the LARP, there will be a short de-briefing to help us step out of character and begin to process the experience.

Do I need a costume?

We ask that you wear plain, black clothes or whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy. You are welcome to add things that would suit your character, but it is not necessary to have any elaborate costume. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and can move freely in whatever you’re wearing.

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