Put*s Somatic*s

(perfo-session / performative s. service where the performance is at the service of the somatic). – Spanish

1, 2, 3 and 4 of november
By/With put*s somatic*s

An agential performance? A sexual offering? A somatic service?

…you meekly reach out to caress and find that form becomes content, and the dust we will become becomes filled with the possibilities of life. Yesterday I baptized you in salt water with salty and proud rosemary, three times, and three times I bathed in the same water and in the same rosemary that I then let travel endlessly. Transmuting rosemary into water… (put*s somatic*s)

put*s somatic*s is a perfo-session for 1 person. We are interested in exploring the decomposition between performance and se*ual work. The proposal invites us to be an agential part of the experience (spectator respons-ability). It is a poetic-tactile offering (with the possibility of nudity) that attempts to navigate subtle sensations by exploring visceral imaginaries, without expectations. As you go through the proposals you are invited to respond by mutating, resting, moving, sounding,…

put*s somatic*s is a being – invitation to hopeless sexualities that inhabit and emerge in the f(r)ictions that we were not/were and will not/will be. Their world is constituted in each (dis)encounter.

… among the guts that I stir to find something to cling to, something whispers to me from the no/absence: There is no clinging-One. Perhaps there is clinging to another-that-binds … (put*s somatic*s)

Thus, the proposal has the following format —>

Duration: There is a duration that is not fixed and that depends on what is and what is not there at the moment; of emergencies that (do not) occur.

Price: Contribution at will between 0.33 euros and 333 euros. The contribution must be made before the perfo-session.
You can contact us with any questions or concerns at putsomatics@gmail.com. Once you have completed the form, we will contact you.


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