Rope Predicament Erotic

Sunday 24 March September 12-18h versión en castellano
Ron Hades Facilitator
· Limited spots ·

A Sensual Symphony of Bondage Mastery
Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of rope bondage, where sensuality meets intensity. Our “Rope Predicament Erotic” workshop offers a diverse exploration of techniques ranging from soft and meditative to downright erotic. Discover the artistry of teasing, denial play, and the intricate interplay of ropes in this immersive session designed for beginners.

What Awaits You:
– Erotic Floor Flow: Dive into the world of erotic floor flow rope play, blending artistry and intimacy.
– Predicament Rope Play: Explore the exhilarating realm of predicament rope play, adding a layer of intensity to your bondage encounters.
– Body Language Mastery: Learn the nuances of body language and pressure points in rope bondage, creating a setting that speaks volumes.
– Mindful Setting: Understand how to use your body language to craft an immersive and intense experience, combining predicament and erotic rope play for heightened emotions.

Prerequisites for Smooth Enjoyment:
To seamlessly enjoy this workshop, participants should be proficient in single and double column ties and have a solid understanding of tension and counter-tension.

Materials Required:
Bring at least five hemp or jute ropes (6 or 8 mm thickness), each eight meters long. These can be provided free of charge for the course – and can also be purchased.

Language of Instruction:
The workshop will be conducted in both English and Spanish, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all participants.

Practice Partners:
While you’ll have the opportunity to practice with other participants, you’re welcome to bring your practice partner. Note that due to limited slots, your partner must also register for the workshop.

This Workshop can be sexual and might follow physical touch with other participants. 

Let’s weave connections and master the art of shibari together!

Workshop Collaboration €80
Variable depending on your current situation. 40-90€
Consult information about variable collaborations

_ €150 and jam included if the two Ron Hades workshops are held (Sat and Sun)

*** We do not want anyone to be left out of the activities due to economic issues, if this is your situation, let us know and we will look for possible exchanges or a reduced collaboration. In the same way, Observatorio del Placer is a project in formation, if you want to support us with a greater collaboration, it will also be welcome.


RON HADES (no pronoum)

Ron is non-binary queer full service sexworker, porn performer, Activist and kink educator. 

Bondage is the natural highlight of their path, because it allowed them to channel and combine their sexual energy, spiritual talent, aesthetic vision and dominant personality into a form of art, meditation, power. 

During their workshops they leads people into a safer space where there are no over structures, no categories, no names, so that everyone* can follow the path the way to personal unfoldment. 

Ron gives different types of workshops since 2018: bondage meditation, bondage for sex workers, for couples, for beginners and intermediate level and private coaching for BDSM.

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