slap me soft

Hitting and being hit or Impact play, isn't a conventional context to look for softness and gentleness. Yet, this is precisely what we shall do. We will try to approach this Kuan and insist on staying in this Paradox: How could hitting someone, having power over them like this, submitting myself to the blows of another - could be a gentle act of care, of connecting to someone in a very real and bare way - whether I am hitting or being hit. How embracing power and it’s dynamics could make me softer instead of harder. Who am I when I have power/when someone has power over me - and who do I want to be? And how to get there? And what happens in this moment where I lose the power/gain it back?

For this purpose we will enlist the Feldenkrais method and some other principles from martial arts. Our exploration will be very slow, detailed and will not focus on pain or intensity. Rather, we will try to sense very delicately our physical responses to hitting/being hit, and use this feedback to look for a way to do so that is acceptable for our body-mind system. A way to hit/being hit - without pushing through, where our whole self is involved and not even a slight discoaction is needed. There will be many pauses, approximations and intermediate steps. A lot of time to verbally process the experiences as well.

We will also play with constellation work in the context of impact: How is it to watch myself (my representation) get slapped? How is it to hit myself? What do my boundaries have to say about all of this?

We will start each day with a long physical warm up, followed by a relatively structured set of exercises, constellations and games. In the last part, I will offer simple scores that provide some structure for a rather free play.

If you want to attend just to the first day that’s fine, but in order to participate on the second day, one has to come to the first one.

slap me soft >> Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th Β· from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Collaboration experience
€60 per day
Variable collaboration depending on your current situation. 30-90€ per day
Consult information about variable collaboration

*** We do not want anyone to be left out of the activities due to economic issues. If this is your case, let us know and we will look for possible exchanges or a reduced collaboration.
Likewise, Observatorio del Placer is a project in formation, if you want to support us with greater collaboration, it will also be welcome.


Noam Raz

Is a workshop facilitator, Feldenkrais practitioner and Family Constellation guide. He has trained and played with a variety of physical practices and approaches - Dance, Taiji, Meditation, Somatics, BDSM, Voicework and Parkour. Coming originally from the realm of Philosophy (Wittgenstein!) and Linguistics, attention to language and its workings is somehow always in the background.

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