Observatorio del placer is a self-managed project that needs collaborations to exist.
At the same time, we do not want anyone to be left out of the activities due to economic issues.
This is why we propose variable collaborations.

How does it work?

Each activity consists of a variable collaboration between two amounts. Each assistant is placed at the point on the scale where they sit and carry out the collaboration that they consider fair according to their situation.
No pediremos ninguna documentaciรณn. Si consideras que no puedes realizar ninguna aportaciรณn nos lo comunicas en el formulario de inscripciรณn. De nuevo, no queremos que nadie quede fuera por esta razรณn.

Feel free to pay less (or attend without financial support) ifโ€ฆ

_ You are prone to discrimination as a result of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality or disability.
_ You are unemployed or underemployed.
_ You experience continued financial insecurity.
_ Struggles to meet basic needs, rent or bills.
_ You experience ongoing financial stress due to illness, disability, or acting as a caregiver.

Consider paying higher on the scale ifโ€ฆ

_ You benefit from privileges of race, class, ability or gender.
_ You have access to generational wealth.
_ You can comfortably satisfy your basic needs.
_ You can travel and/or spend money recreationally.
_ You have savings, retirement accounts or investments.
_ You have your own house or you can comfortably pay the rent.
_ You work part-time or are unemployed by your own choice.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about it

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