In our search for innovative exploration processes, we invite artists to participate in residencies at Observatorio del Placer. These residencies are dedicated to research and practice, with a specific focus on various aspects of the broad spectrum of sexuality. + INFO convocatoria 2024

GRADO CERO por Ornella Bodratto y Sofia Sasso
_ Residencia 15 – 19 de julio
_ Grado cero – Espacio inmersivo 19 julio

During the residency we will navigate the fantasy of desire as a species, we will seek to merge it through visual and sound devices, and we will create invented symbiotic fields, where it can coexist with other imaginary species. These desiring ecosystems, that arise from the experiments, will have as their center of action the stripping of human assemblages and the mechanisms of desire that we have learned so far. The research process will be open through a public and immersive activation that will be accessible and will contemplate all corporalities and types of mobility. We invite us to immerse ourselves collectively and sensitively in the waters of our desires and to dis-configure ourselves from the known desiring tissues... Welcome. + info

Bizarre snails por Matilde Flor Usinger e Íñigo Laudio
_ Residencia 15-19 de julio 2024
_ Performance _ 20 de julio 19h

Can prejudice condemn dissident bodies and identities? Can you desire what you don't see? What is the limit of the game? Do you know it? Do you think a look is enough to understand a person?

Matilde Flor Usinger & Íñigo Laudio have been exploring these questions for a week at Observatorio del Placer. We would be happy to invite you to a showing of our work. + info

ASS OPERA, singing with the power of erotics por Marja Christians
_ Residencia 9 – 13 de septiembre 2024
_ Actividad de presentación y fecha por confirmar

Transfeminist desire, queerfeminist erotica is recovering the suppressed erotic as considered source of power and information within queer lives and sexuality. The erotic as power (according to Audre Lorde) claims the feeling, puts it in the center and takes it from there. counterhegemonic libido strategies that help us remember places of the body and pleasure that were denied or even prohibited to us. As a multidisciplinary dance creator she investigated anus singing and shared oceanic-erotic practices, inviting dissident peers. The Conversation, sound and song come through the anus: transfeminist and queer erotica and desire. + info

Cutting some branches for a temporary shelter por Látigo Colectivo (Roc Gottschalk y Nass Roca)
_ Residencia 30 de sept al 4 oct 2024
_ Actividad de presentación y fecha por confirmar

In this residency we will take up a performative cell and turn it into an immersive installation assembly with several stations through which you can circulate and experience fragments of the same investigation.

The original trigger for this composition was born as a consequence of the resonances that arise when the body is prepared for the amputation of a part of the body, as a surgical act for the supposed “gender reassignment.” + info


New Normal por Matilde Flor Usinger, Nanna Koppel and ZCA
_ Residencia 8 – 12 julio 2024
_ Instalación corporal INTRA(STING) _ sábado 13 Julio 20h

In this week-long residency, our focus lies on the exploration of accessing and exposing intimacy, acknowledging its inherently subjective nature. To grasp intimacy, a prerequisite is to maybe not having to define it? Through a diverse range of physical and conversational exercises, our aim is to not clarify what intimacy means to us and also to explore the unique definitions others hold. By navigating the intersections of these subjective perspectives, we intend to use these as tools to experiment with a performative approach to be one with the veil that intimacy may be. + info

Serie Bar-King por Joi Pineda
_ Residencia 1 – 5 julio 2024
_ Cabaret Chikazos _ viernes 5 Julio 20h

Bar-king is a performative series that It integrates two pieces that fluctuate between performance art and the cabaret or drag king show where masculinities are addressed. It is a series developed through two chain performances nominally presented through the title composed of the first three letters of the shows (Barrikadas y Barro) along with the suffix king and alludes to the Anglo-Saxon word barking (ladrido de perro). Bar-King appropriates some of the interpretations of the action of ladrar, understanding it as something that bothers or alerts, and at the same time a warning or tension. That is why all the pieces that will be produced throughout this series will be woven together through the uncomfortable and directing the gaze of the spectators towards the phenomenon of the failure of masculinity in order to remove the layers. subalterns that are in it. + info

Affective ecologies by Proyecto conspira (Lynx and Zafiro)
_ Residency 3 – June 7, 2024
_ Práctica colectiva 7 junio

In this residency we will investigate how to sensually conspire with plants and things to disrupt colonial common sense. Ignited by the plant studies of Natasha Myers (2021), we set out to explore vegetalization and eroticize the care of the living to conjure other possible worlds. We want to learn from the strategies of these beings who have billions of years more experience than us in terraforming habitable worlds. We invoke the cuir sexualities of other species and set ourselves the task of absorbing all types of fantasies through our tissues. We are going to alter our sensorium to open ourselves to new sensible worlds and test habitable worlds. We are seduced by thinking about and practicing non-reproductive, non-genital sex and the varied range of contrasexual practices that proliferate from these relationships. We will practice dirty and hot tenderness by interacting with earth, sand, water and plants in a friction of surfaces and flows. We feel, touch, talk to and grow plants, too, we are touched by them. + info

Cannibalism by KULSHEDRA and Zélie DP
_ Residencia 15 – 19 abril
_ Workshop April 18 at 6 p.m. + performance April 19 at 7 p.m.

Cannibalism is a term dating from Columbus time used to dehumanize indigeneous inhabitants from the lands Europeans came to colonize. This research proposes to reverse this white and western concept towards ourselves and interrogate our own whiteness through it. If cannibalism (as in the concrete act of eating human flesh) happened in many forms in Europe, we propose to look at this notion with a broader view. It could be understood as an ensemble of dehumanizing practices based on the pre-desire of the other’s flesh, these actions ending in annihilating and destroying the object of this desire. As we are white able-bodied afab performers, our research will focus on what we experienced. +info

Normal by Matilde Flor Usinger
_ Residence April 8-12, 2024
_ Call for work group 8-12 + Workshop 12 + performance on April 13

In this week-long residency, my focus lies on the exploration of accessing and exposing intimacy, acknowledging its inherently subjective nature. To grasp intimacy, a prerequisite is to define it. Through a diverse range of physical and conversational exercises, I aim to clarify what intimacy means to me and also to explore the unique definitions others hold. By navigating the intersections of these subjective perspectives, I intend to use these as tools to experiment with a performative approach to unveiling intimacy. + info

Lo xenosensorial · anna natt
residency 3 – 8 Diciembre 23′
_ práctica 9 Diciembre

Durante la residencia, me interesa explorar el origen de nuestras atracciones y cómo expresamos nuestros deseos en un espacio sexual colectivo. Por qué queremos lo que queremos y qué pasaría si entráramos en un espacio de juego y no pensáramos en «qué deseo yo», sino en «qué desea el espacio». ¿Y si nuestro primer objetivo en un espacio de juego fuera crear belleza, fundirnos en una composición colectiva? ¿Podría ser igual de placentero saber que lo que estás haciendo está agradando a alguien visual, auditiva u olfativamente, sin saber necesariamente quién es ese alguien? ¿Y cómo podría esto desplazar nuestros centros de placer y reorganizar nuestras zonas erógenas?

+ info

put*s somatic*s
residency 25 – 31 Octubre 23′
_ práctica 1 – 4 Noviembre

La investigación de puts somatics tiene como eje el servicio sexual, y es la idea de servicio la que está siendo atendida. Existe una pregunta por los bordes de la(s) sexualidad(es) que puede servir como suelo donde reposar. ¿Cuáles son las posibles direccionalidades de un servicio? ¿Cuáles son las posibles entidades agenciales en un servicio? ¿Se puede estar al servicio de lo que emerge? ¿De las memorias del toque de su dedos en la hoja del helecho? ¿De la luz que roza el aire del espacio y tu cuerpo? ¿De nuestro recuerdo? ¿Del aire que sudan las hojas verdes del rincón? ¿Del calor de los focos rozando la textura del suelo? ¿Hay posibilidad de un deseo autopoiético?…

Los Ojitos de Dios · Proyecto de Caos F.
_ residency 10-15 Abril 23′
_ performance Domingo 14 Mayo 19-21h

Los ojitos de Dios es un formato de performance de contenido sexual explícito basado en la exploración en grupo (3 a 5 personas) de los gustos eróticos y fantasías más deseables y ocultas de cada voluntarix. Todo ello sucede gracias a las órdenes sonoras dadas por un Dios invisible y solo perceptibles por lxs participantes, quienes sin conocerse entre sí se encuentran en un mismo espacio escénico para tener un encuentro sexual orquestado.
Dios conoce los anhelos de cada criatura y lxs pone a jugar y operar en un teatro erótico despersonalizado y liberador que tiene como objetivo permitir a las criaturas proporcionar y proporcionarse placer de forma colectiva disfrutando del placer de «ser usadx».

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