OPEN CALL + workshop + performance «NORMAL»

_ Residence April 8-12, 2024
_ OPEN CALL 8-12 + Workshop 12 + performance 13 of abril



Towards the end of the residency, we will be hosting a workshop named ‘Normal’, based on the learnings from the study group. We will share our discoveries, and facilitate a room where we redefine ‘normal’.

In this room, normal can look like: a conversation between a circle of butts, the floor is lava and our bodies are your stepping-stones, tongues licking eyeballs, rubbing armpits until we smell like each other, and anything else that you could wish for in your dream of intimacy.

How do we create this room? This will be the main incentive of the 4-hour workshop: the creation of a space where intimacy is detached from shame, and celebrated through its unveiling.

The workshop is open for anyone who is interested, no experience is needed. However, we will be exploring physicality and touch, so there is expected an openness to this. If you are curious but unsure of the physical aspect, please get in touch, and we can find an alternative way of participating.

NORMAL workshop >> Friday the 12th · from 6 to 10 p.m.
Collaboration experience €50

Variable collaboration depending on your current situation. 25-70€ per day
Consult information about variable collaboration

You can register through this link

To finish off, we will present the outcome of ‘Normal’ through an open sharing/performance.

We invite you into our normal space where conversation happens through anything but words.

Compartiremos nuestros descubrimientos y facilitaremos una sala donde redefiniremos lo «normal».

Exploring Softness and Sensitivity:
Mi enfoque en los momentos íntimos surge de la creencia de que la verdadera intimidad surge cuando compartimos la vulnerabilidad, ya sea exponiéndola o invitando a otrxs a descubrirla. Particularmente, me intriga la piel suave, fina y sensible del cuerpo y las experiencias transformadoras que surgen al prestar atención a estas áreas, ya sea en un sentido físico o metafórico. ¿Qué pasa con nuestra intimidad cuando nombramos estas partes del cuerpo, qué significan para nosotros y cómo se sienten? ¿Qué pasa con nuestra intimidad cuando te permito tocar esa parte, mirarla, darle me gusta, etc.? (Matilde Flor Usinger)

performance NORMAL >> Sábado 13 · 19h
Collaboration experience €20

Variable collaboration depending on your current situation. 10-30€
Consult information about variable collaboration

You can register through this link

Matilde Flor Usinger

Matilde Flor Usinger grew up in a circus environment in Copenhagen, Denmark. After many years of training in gymnastics, she sought a freer form of physical expression, leading her to pursue a career in dance and performance. She received her foundational training at Nya Malmö Latin and then completed three years of professional dance training at Balance1 in Berlin. Matilde has showcased various group and solo works at Berlin's Sophiensaele, Uferstudios, and ada-studios, as well as participated in various interdisciplinary site-specific performances.
Her journey into the exploration of movement and performance continues as she develops collaborative projects. Currently, she is collaborating with actress Nanna Finding Koppel on the Danish Arts Foundation funded project HEJ FAR, all while creating and curating in MF Studio.
Matilde aims to embody academic intersectional feminism, challenging societal structures. She integrates knowledge into the body, exploring themes such as sexuality, feminism, world order, gender, and white body supremacy. Her focus extends to the exploration of intimacy, connecting with others on emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual levels. She believes that embracing vulnerability empowers deeper, authentic connections, enhancing personal growth and relationships.

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