Normal by Matilde Flor Usinger

_ Residence April 8-12, 2024
_ Taller 12 y performance el 13 de abril

In this week-long residency, my focus lies on the exploration of accessing and exposing intimacy, acknowledging its inherently subjective nature. To grasp intimacy, a prerequisite is to define it. Through a diverse range of physical and conversational exercises, I aim to clarify what intimacy means to me and also to explore the unique definitions others hold. By navigating the intersections of these subjective perspectives, I intend to use these as tools to experiment with a performative approach to unveiling intimacy.

Sharing intimacy:
Recognizing that the act of sharing plays a remarkable role in experiencing intimacy, the residency will conclude with a workshop to share my practice and a performance to convey my personal discoveries regarding intimacy.

Key Questions for Exploration:

  • Is intimacy connected to shame? In which way?
  • What does intimacy without shame look like?
  • What does intimacy with trust look like?
  • Is it possible to experience intimacy with yourself? If so, what does that experience look and feel like?
  • In what ways can we allow and discover intimacy in constellations that go beyond the concept of twos?
    By delving into deep intimacy and embracing vulnerability, the residency aims to establish a practice that actively resists patriarchal norms. This resistance is rooted in the belief that challenging societal structures is inherent in the pursuit of authentic connections.

Exploring Softness and Sensitivity:
My focus on intimate moments stems from the belief that true intimacy emerges when we share vulnerability, either through exposing it or through inviting others to discover it. Particularly, I am intrigued by the soft, thin, and sensitive skin on the body and the transformative experiences that arise when giving attention to these areas, whether in a physical or metaphorical sense. What happens to our intimacy when we name these body parts, what they mean to us and how they feel? What happens to our intimacy when I allow you to touch that part, look at it, like it etc.?

Community Involvement:
To emphasize the collaborative and exploratory nature of this residency, I invite local artists to join in this collective "study group." I believe that diverse perspectives and shared experiences will enrich our exploration of intimacy, fostering a collaborative learning environment. My objective with this research is to create a practice which can expand beyond residency. I hope we can all practise intimacy not only in our private lives, but also in different, maybe more challenging contexts.

Matilde Flor Usinger

Matilde Flor Usinger grew up in a circus environment in Copenhagen, Denmark. After many years of training in gymnastics, she sought a freer form of physical expression, leading her to pursue a career in dance and performance. She received her foundational training at Nya MalmΓΆ Latin and then completed three years of professional dance training at Balance1 in Berlin. Matilde has showcased various group and solo works at Berlin's Sophiensaele, Uferstudios, and ada-studios, as well as participated in various interdisciplinary site-specific performances.
Her journey into the exploration of movement and performance continues as she develops collaborative projects. Currently, she is collaborating with actress Nanna Finding Koppel on the Danish Arts Foundation funded project HEJ FAR, all while creating and curating in MF Studio.
Matilde aims to embody academic intersectional feminism, challenging societal structures. She integrates knowledge into the body, exploring themes such as sexuality, feminism, world order, gender, and white body supremacy. Her focus extends to the exploration of intimacy, connecting with others on emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual levels. She believes that embracing vulnerability empowers deeper, authentic connections, enhancing personal growth and relationships.

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