Workshop + Performance Cannibalism by KULSHEDRA and ZΓ©lie Dp

_ Residency April 15-19, 2024
_ Workshop April 18
_ Performance 19 abril

In this workshop we will question eroticism and archetypes of pleasure associated with it.

Personal experience of sexual trauma and power dynamics led us to find new ways of connecting to our bodies reclaiming forbidden aspects of ourselves.

In the context our residencia en Observatorio del Placer, we would like to share with you our practices and explorations. Each participant will find ways to reconnect with their personal sexual experiences and challenge what we already know of it. Through guided exercises of body work, breathing and massage therapy we aim to reinforce intuition and creativity.

In the timeframe of this workshop, we propose ways to identify places of the body where trauma is stored and to reframe body pleasures. This intends to experience sensuality and touch from a queer perspective.

We would like to be transparent that it can be triggering and uncomfortable to come to that. We will make time to talk and share about what could be coming up in that process.

Coming from a perspective of social justice and intersectional feminism, we welcome everyone called by this workshop.

CANNIBALISM workshop >> Thursday 18 Β· from 6 to 10 p.m.
Collaboration experience €50

Variable collaboration depending on your current situation. 25-70€
Consult information about variable collaboration

You can register through this link


Cannibalism (in western context) is usually defined as the unconditional desire for human flesh up until the point to eat it and annihilate it. The human other is not anymore a free subject but an object to be eaten by oneself. This performance takes the bet to show that an universal human flesh does not exist, nor its collerated desire. Applied to feminist theories, cannibalism would be framed as the constructed male desire on Β« female Β» bodies which results in sexual and gender-based violence. We will be investigating patternal gestures of these objectifying structures by imposing them on each other’s bodies. Slapping, biting, hair- and breast-pulling or hip bending will be inflicted on each other hinting on our destruction. But on scene are two female-assigned bodies sharing similar queer background stories. The cannibalistic polarity is thus at the same disrupted β€” these gestures signifcation un-meant up until the point where the teasing of the flesh would be uncovered as non-sexual and non-gendered pleasures; forms of queer body interactions could offer a different direction to this pre-(eating) human desire of the other’s flesh.

CANNIBALISM performance >> Friday 19 Β· from 7 to 8 p.m.
ColaboraciΓ³n experiencia 20€

Variable collaboration depending on your current situation. 10-30€
Consult information about variable collaboration

KULSHEDRA (he/they)

Is a movement artist, performer, teacher, pleasure activist, body worker, who grew up in Albania and Italy and is currently based in Berlin. They have been performing exclusively for queer and multidisciplinary events that focus on coming together and giving a big f uck y ou to social norms of purity.

ZΓ©lie DP (they/them)

Is a white French abled-bodied afab non-binary artist based in Berlin whose both performance and filmmaking practices question queerness, sexuality and sexual/gender-based violence as social constructs that can be undone.

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